“Trusty”, our air-conditioned mini-bus, will transport you, with pick-ups from Albany, Denmark and surrounds.

Departing 8am Mondays. Minimum duration 9 hours.

The Stirling Ranges iconic landscape is the spiritual homeland of the Koreng people; the Aboriginal tribe that inhabited the area, for many thousands of years before European settlement. On this full day excursion with Poornarti Aboriginal Tours, your guide is Joey Williams, an Elder and Lore Man of the Koreng people and a talented artist. As a child he lived in the bush with his family and the traditional knowledge of living in harmony with Mother Earth, was passed on to him. To gain an intimate knowledge of this country, what better way is there to experience it, than through the eyes of the original inhabitants, who lived and thrived here for millennia?

As you travel with Joey, you will hear Dreamtime stories and songlines, Noongar language and sounds of the old, in song and ceremony. You will learn of country, kinship and history. We will explore sites for bush tucker and medicine plants, a fresh water site and a courting ground. Joey will welcome you to a sacred and hidden site; the beautiful and unusual Lake of Many Colours, where you will experience a smudging and reconnection rite, watch Joey map his country in the sand and learn about the significance of the Lake. You can also take part in some Aboriginal dance. Over lunch, Joey will paint a traditional landscape painting in the style of the internationally famous Carrolup School of Art, and you will be told about how this movement came out of the Stolen Generation and about life for the stolen children in the Christian missions. Museum piece artefacts will be handled and their use and construction discussed. You will visit, but not climb, the highest peak in the South West, the rocky edifice of Bluff Knoll, or Bulla Meile (the Hill of Eyes), as it was known, and get a feeling for why this was a revered place for the Koreng people. At the conclusion of the tour you will have an opportunity to buy original and fine art prints, of Joey's work, depicting the country over which you will have travelled.

Full day tour led by Joey Williams and assistant. All transfers in air conditioned 13 seater mini bus. Morning tea, lunch and complimentary water bottle. Unique souvenir for each participant.

Scenic drives with on board commentary.
Visit significant sites including Bluff Knoll, Moingup Springs and the Lake of Many Colours.
Dreamtime storytelling.
Aboriginal language.
Participation in Noongar song and dance.
Traditional Art Demonstration.
Bush tucker walk.
Artefact show and tell.
Art Sale.

Cost, $265 per person, Child under 15 and concession card holders $227, Family (2 adults, 2 children) $925, Group 4 adults $995, Group 6 adults $1320,

Group 10 adults $2000

Runs on Mondays.