All Meals, camping gear, activities and fees included in price-

$1450 for six days

"This was one of the most powerful group experiences of belonging, empowerment and connection to country that I have attended." N J le Breton, Soulcamp Nov '19

This cultural camp is held at Mount Trio Bush and Caravan Park, in the heart of the iconic Stirling Ranges in Western Australia. The camp runs from 22nd to 27th November 2019.

“You were not born into this world, you were born from and by it, as a leaf from a tree, and as a breeze from the sky….”

Poornarti Aboriginal Tours invites you to come home, to a place and a time that feels full of vitality and curiously familiar. It is an ancient place, full of knowing and eternal wisdom. You will recognise it as something fleeting you’ve experienced before. Your soul yearns to live and unfurl in this wild place, and be seen, heard and understood by your fellow clan. This is the power of Soul Camp and it’s wilderness experience.

As the days pass, you remember you are part of Boodja, Mother Earth. You reunite with your kin, the animals, the plants, the rocks and the elements. The smell of wood smoke and the earth after rain, the campfire and the stars overhead remind you, that beyond the busyness and discord of our modern world there is a lost landscape where you will find healing, peace, guidance and wisdom. By taking part in soul affirming activities you will start to remember your true self and your sacred contract.

With an Aboriginal Elder as your host and guide, you will gain knowledge of indigenous truths. Invited, facilitators, practitioners, mentors and people with expertise in play, ceremony, healing and nature connection, will guide our group at different times throughout the camp.

Activities with Aboriginal Elder and Lore Man, Joey Williams;
Sacred site visit
Bush tucker and medicine walk
Reconnection and smudging ceremony
Vibrational Healing
Dreamtime Story Telling
Ancestral retrieval fire ceremony
Noongar song, dance and language
Traditional art demonstrations

Other example activities include:

Nature connection and immersion exercises

Plant Medicine

Shamanic journeying and visioning

Mindfulness practices

Creative Writing

Wilderness Running

Sharing circles
and more.

Prices are inclusive of all meals, camp fees, camping equipment (tent, air bed and sleeping bag) and activities.

Cost: $1450

"Heal, learn, dance, paint and sing with Poornarti Aboriginal Mystical Tours. The experience is inclusive, interesting, integrating, ingenious and truly indigenous." Darron Baynham, Soulcamp Nov '19

"After a week at Soulcamp I'm feeling so nourished on so many levels and dimensions. The camp and all the aspects, from food, participant contributions, to the sharing, has opened a portal for my soul to deeply connect with the land and the rhythms of spirit that underly everything." Freya Parre, Soulcamp Nov'19

"We all need connection to our mother, the true balance, our deepest nature. But so many of us, for many reasons, have lost connection to our elderships, our ceremonies, the practices that remind us of our true balance and place. You shared your knowledge with us despite a history that would easily lead to a protective, closed nature. Your generosity and trust is so moving. The Vibrational Healing was a deep privilege. Thank you! " Erin, Soulcamp Nov '19

"I feel blessed and more than grateful to be here. I have learned many things about plants, about landscape. Learned about sharing through Joey's openness and showing us parts of his past and sacred land (feeling deeply honoured). Loved Catherine's ability to hold the space" Deniz Orak, Soulcamp Nov '19

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