I feel earthed by the whole experience- being guided by a true custodian of the land, to connect with the land, its shape and stories, its flora and fauna, and the four elements that move across it. The tour affirmed the path I am on, of moving deeper into an authentic connection with the land and myself.
Nicola Jane le Breton

I had an amazing few days with yous, it will be a part of me for the rest of my life. Joey took us to some beautiful places that words couldn't even describe. It's a really special experience to connect with the land and Joey’s culture. There’s so much to learn and I can't wait to come back and see yous. Feel so grateful I met Joey....
Ben Hoge

I enjoyed the rituals with fire and water, where we participated in the depth of Aboriginal culture. I felt a closer connection with the strength and power of Australia. Vibrations from this ancient land spoke to me. The tour will benefit and help me to understand and gain strengths for the future in difficult situations in life. It was a new revelation into Australian culture and the pulse of life.
Trevor Croll : Switzerland

Joey is a beautiful man with a big heart who has such a passion for his country. He is keen and eager to share his knowledge with everybody, and he does so with great pride and good old Aussie humour! As he sings the songs for his land you can feel the energy of spirit rushing through your body and you feel a great sense of connection to our Mother Earth. Woonjah…
Kristy Jane Hoghton

Best parts of the tour were sitting around the fire, sharing, connecting with each other and the environment. The big sky at night….what an awesome treat. It was magic being outside at the campsite. I loved the ease of communication with people, when camping, when defences come down and we open up to each other. The tour reminded me to connect with and see the beauty of country. It enhanced my body energy and reminded me to stay grounded and enhanced my qi gong practice. I would have liked the tour to have been longer. Deepest thanks to Catherine and Joey.
Robyn Glenister

It was a timeless journey across the Australian bush, Woonjah people’s land, Joey’s belonging. It was a once in a lifetime apprentice trip. A pure joy to walk in Woonjah’s footprints. Mind blowing and body relieving earth healing. Re- connection with nature in a trustful environment was guiding our weekend of discovery. We can never thank you enough for bringing us into your thousands-year old world.
Hanna & Lars : Germany

I liked how it was quite relaxed and we didn’t climb all the mountains and everything. I think that gave me the chance to really appreciate and reflect on everything that we did. Some activities were daunting before we started but once I got into it and relaxed, it was really awesome and really got hold of me. When we did the healing…..I was overwhelmed. Absolutely awesome experience.
Isabella Sutherland

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