Joey Williams is an award winning Aboriginal artist. Here, you have the opportunity to buy his original artworks.

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Joey has been practicing his art since he was a very young boy. He would fill his schoolbooks with sketches of his classmates, and the nearby landscape. When he left primary school, his art was bought by one of his teachers. This gave Joey confidence in his art and inspired him to continue practising.

In the development of his art, the biggest influencers were his father and his Aunty. Joey’s father was a skilled craftsman, who made didgeridoos and artifacts, which he decorated with ornate carvings, painting and drawings. His Aunty was Bella Kelly, a renowned Noongar artist, who was the instigator of the Carrolup Mission art movement. As a boy, Joey would sit with Bella on her veranda in Tambellup, and watch her paint for exhibition, while she explained the techniques she was using, to him.

Joey continued to practice his art while he raised a family and became a champion shearer, before taking on the roles of Coordinator of Cultural Studies and Art lecturer at TAFE, when he was 28yrs old. He also taught art at three regional prisons.

Since then, Joey has won awards and competitions for his art, and is often called upon to create giant canvasses depicting aspects of country and community, which have been displayed around the region, and to teach and display his art in schools and events. He has illustrated numerous children's books and is regularly commissioned to create designs for products and packaging.

Joey likes to tell stories of his country, through his art and keep his culture alive. He runs an art gallery, selling his own work, and runs cultural tours in his home town of Denmark, Western Australia.

Joey signs his works with his Noongar name of Pongillj.