Posted by admin  |  August 23, 2018

It occurs to us you might like to know a little more about where we are located.

Denmark sits on the South West Coast of Western Australia, 414 Kilometres south east of Perth, in the Great Southern Region. Denmark has a plethora of stunning natural attractions and a Meditteranean climate, making it the perfect destination.

The tall forests merge with the pristine white sandy beaches, the magnificent Southern Ocean and the ancient rocks. It sits astride the beautifully curving Denmark River as it gracefully flows into the Wilson Inlet and around 5,000 people call it home. Denmark is in an amazing location.

Nature lovers like Denmark for its pristine beaches, world-class walking trails, prolific wildlife, undulating landscape, ancient towering trees and wildflowers. Denmark is one of nature's most beautiful places with an abundance of spectacular scenery, flora and fauna. //

Denmark hugs the banks of the Denmark River. The river rises near Pardelup and meanders in a southerly direction until it flows through Denmark into the Wilson Inlet. The traditional owners of the area are the Noongar, Bibelman and Minang people, who know the river as Kwoorabup meaning the place of the brush tail wallaby. The river and inlet were spiritually and practically, of great cultural significance to the Noongar people. The Wagyl, a snakelike creature, created the rivers, in the Dreaming. The southern section of the river was used for over 10,000 years as a ceremonial site; a place of song and dance, marriage rites, initiation and food gathering.

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