Kaya Wanju - Hello and welcome to Noongar country. The South West of Western Australia is the country of the Noongar people. For thousands of years before European settlement, Aboriginal people lived in harmony with the land. The earth is their "Boodja", mother, and that is our Mother Earth.

Do you yearn to connect to, and learn about this ancient culture? Would you like to connect deeply to this landscape, with a custodian showing you the way?

Poornarti Aboriginal Tours will bring the country of the Noongar people to life for you through deeply immersive, intimate and interactive experiences and activities.
“You were not born into this world, you were born from and by it, as a leaf from a tree, and as a breeze from the sky….”

Come and camp with us a while and listen up to Songlines and stories of Dreamtime, step upon the earth and dance, embrace the elements, yarn by the fire, taste the tucker, sense the wind, the water, the heat and the smoke, feel the power of ceremony, and learn of Noongar ways of life, spirit and art.

Poornarti Aboriginal Tours has sprung from the passion of Aboriginal Elder and Lore man, Joey Williams, and his drive to share his Noongar culture and knowledge. Poornarti was the name of Joeys father, Jack Williams Poornarti, a Kaarl Poorlanger (people of the fire) man of the Koreng tribe.

Joey learned the ways of his people through spending time with his father and listening to his stories, and Joeys mother, Joan, passed on to him her intimate knowledge of bush tucker and medicine. Through instruction from his renowned Noongar artist Auntie, Bella Kelly, Joey himself has become talented in this field and has won numerous art awards. Joey has also mastered the ancient technique of vibrational healing passed onto him through his ancestral lineage. Listening to the old songs of country has also inspired Joey to write and sing his own traditional Noongar music and songs.